About Us

The Vered Group is a family-run real-estate development company based in Montreal. We specialize in commercial, institutional and residential development. At the forefront of our strategy come smart design and the perfect integration of new buildings into their respective neighborhoods. Always located in prime locations with high investment opportunities, each Vered Group project has its own personality, creating unique bonds between each project and its new owners.

The Vered Group has a profound impact on Montreal Architecture with its founders and cornerstone Nachum Vered’s participation and leadership in the construction and engineering of many large scale projects such as Montreal's Expo 67 Place des Nations, Labyrinth and Israel Pavilion and more recently, landmark restoration of historic buildings dating back to 1911, Gillette Lofts and Wilson Lofts. Oren Vered with his own engineering and entrepreneurial background now spearheads this second generation family business.

About Us


Our talented and experienced team shares common goals. Each team member plays an active role in every step of the development process, from urban planning, design, financial and marketing strategy, to the choice of material and finishings. The synergy between the different departments ensures that each project is delivered up to par with our clients’ expectations.

Nachum Vered

Nachum Vered, P.Eng. (Civil), founder of the Vered Group, is a graduate of McGill, Toronto U. and Carlton U, and member of the Ontario Association of Professional Engineers since 1962.

Nachum Vered's expertise spans from structural engineering design and consulting, construction general contracting, project and construction management, to real estate entrepreneurship and development. The spectrum of Projects is broad, including institutional, commercial and residential projects in Canada, the USA and Israel from the 1960's to current day.

Starting as a young engineer he already undertook major construction contracts at Expo '67 as: the Expo Administration building, Place des Nations, Pavilion of Israel, the National Film Board's pavilion, all of the band-shells, boutiques and restaurants at the Expo site.

The portfolio in the institutional category includes major PPP projects in Israel of which are: the Jerusalem City Hall Campus of ten buildings and 1200 car underground parking garage, Government office complexes totaling 3,000,000 sqft as well as hospital extensions, laboratories and a wide range of buildings at university campuses.

In the Residential category, projects cover completion of thousands of condos and apartment units as well as Nurse, Student and Senior residence.

Oren Vered
As the president of the Vered Group, Oren Vered manages and oversees acquisitions and strategy, financing, and operations including construction, sales and marketing. Prior to his real estate development work in Montreal, Oren Vered was involved with international business development in the IT and aviation industries. He has lived and worked in Canada, Europe, Israel and the US. Oren Vered holds an MBA and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, and has 25 years of engineering and management experience.
Stephanie Hughes
Stephanie Hughes set up the corporate operations of the Montreal Real Estate Development Company with the Vered Group in 2006. Stephanie’s strong analytical and innovative skills earned in the Financial, Legal and Advertising industries have contributed to the continued success of the property development projects of the corporation. Stephanie is a graduate of the American Management Association-Toronto.
Clifford Goodman
Clifford Goodman, a McGill University graduate, is Vered Group’s Sales and Marketing Director with more than 2 decades of experience. Since 2006 he has been responsible for the overall marketing and sales of over $70,000,000 worth of condominium units. His hands on approach and ability to think outside of the box have contributed significantly to the success of Vered Groups residential real estate sales and contented customer base.